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Palmer Spring Company is a family owned and operated business with both the 5th and 6th generations working here on a regular basis. We were founded in 1849 when we began making springs for the Conestoga wagons that traveled west. We are the oldest spring company in America, specializing in springs and suspensions for all types of vehicles, brakes, and wheel alignments. Palmer Spring Company keeps up with current technology and the latest advancements to give you the best service possible. We also maintain the craftsmanship upon which the business was built. Our blacksmiths forge springs when needed for special applications. Whether you need work done on a newer vehicle or a classic, we are prepared to do whatever you need.

Our business is built on honesty, integrity, hard work, quality and customer service. Our commitment is to you––the customer and giving you the best service possible, whatever your vehicle needs may be. Our goal is to service all of your needs in a timely manner and get the job done right the first time so you can be on your way.


"Customer service: to some businesses, it is just buzz work without any backbone behind it. Palmer Spring, in my opinion, is all about customer service.

I own a small landscape business that is vulnerable to unexpected and costly repairs from breakdowns. One morning this summer, I discovered that my landscape trailer had broken springs on one side, putting me out of service until the trailer could be fixed. I called Palmer Spring Company to see if I could have the issue taken care of sometime that day. I explained the springs were broken on one side, so I was in somewhat of a jam because I had no back up trailer and needed to have the repairs done as soon as possible.

I was told to come on in and I would be taken care of right away, leading me to feel I made the right call. I was greeted at the service desk like a friend, and in a matter of a few minutes, my trailer was on the lift in the service bay and the repairs underway. Al drove right in and a short while later, the trailer was up and running. He also took the time to check the other side to make sure the same problem was not there as well. Al found that the bolts needed to be tightened up and took care of that for me. Problem solved and for a very fair price!

Rest assured that I will always refer people to Palmer Spring Company for service of automotive and related components that are your specialty. Good job and much appreciated!"

–Steve P. Martin, landscape company owner

"My name is Ben Casagrande and I am employed at the Greater Portland Transit District as the Director of Maintenance. Our Parts Manager, George Baker, and I wanted you to know what a pleasure it is doing business with the Palmer Spring parts department. In these times when the words customer service have little or no meaning in the business world, your employees not only know the meaning, but deliver on the meaning with each purchase. This includes everyone we interact with within the Palmer Spring Parts Department. This is especially true of Ralph, Roger, Lou, and Al. All of them do their jobs with a very high level of professionalism not found in many business transactions today. Just one telephone call to Ralph or Roger produces results or a plan to give me results.

Given the superior service your parts department staff delivers, I am sure you receive this type of feedback frequently. However, both George and I want you to know what a great job the Palmer Spring Parts Department is doing for the Greater Portland Transit District operation. Thank you."

–Ben Casagrande, Maintenance Director at Greater Portland Transit District
–George Baker, Parts Manager at Greater Portland Transit District

"A short time back, you may remember that I brought my van, a Honda Odyssey, into your place for balance ties/wheels. I had this done very recently at a tire store and did not think they did a very good job, possibly because there is no charge for rotation and balance after the initial visit.

The job at Palmer was done by Russ. I stayed with him the whole time and have never seen more care and accuracy directed toward reducing road vibration from tires. The van ran completely free of any vibration following this service.

Having operated a car rental business for almost 15 years and being very concerned about good maintenance, my comment is that Palmer Spring is very fortunate to have Russ, and I'm sure others like him, on your staff. As you must know, people like him are not easy to find these days."

–Ray Heffelefinger

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