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The Suburbanite Plow -

The Suburbanite Snowplow is easy to use, simple to attach, and fits on many SUVs and compact trucks. It is a personal-use plow from the leader in professional plows.  Western has been making plows for professional use for over 50 years and knows how important it is to match the weight of the plow to the carrying capacity of the vehicle.  It uses a simple handheld control to raise, lower and angle the plow blade from your vehicle.  Attaching and detaching the plow is easy and can be done by one person.  Simply drive into the attachment arms on the plow, connect two pins, remove two jack stands and connect the electrical plugs. Detaching is just as easy, so you can leave the plow off your vehicle and out of the way.

  • Durable polymer blade is maintenance-free and its slippery surface helps roll the snow
  • Specially designed elastomer trip springs on the back of the blade allow it to trip forward when an obstacle is encountered - saving wear on your plow and vehicle
  • Exclusive Scrape Lock feature hydraulically locks the blade down for more effective scraping action
  • In addition to the hand-help control, a compact, dash-mounted "joystick" control is also available
  • Blade width - 6'8" / 7'4"
  • Blade height - 21"
  • Total weight (approx.) - 250 lbs. / 270 lbs.
  • The Suburbanite fits most late model compact trucks and SUVs

HTS & Midweight Plows -

Western's HTS and Midweight plows are perfect for light commercial use.  Until now, snowplows with half-ton pickup trucks have had to compromise when choosing a snowplow - their vehicles won't handle a full-size commercial plow, but the lightweight plow offerings didn't meet their plowing needs.  With the Western HTS (Half-Ton) snowplow, you no longer need to sacrifice.  It's a full-size, full-featured snowplow designed exclusively for today's lighter half-ton, four wheel drive trucks.  It handles both personal and light commercial applications, providing rugged, pro-like performance without extra weight.

The 7 1/2' Midweight snowplow is a high-performance plow designed for light commercial use.  The midweight is available in powder-coated steel or high-density polymer.  The poly blade offers exceptional snow-rolling action and a maintenance-free surface.  The midweight features a Power Bar that runs across the back of the blade, providing exceptional torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate blade twisting.  It also features a high-strength steel base channel that reinforces the blade, providing extra support where it's needed most.  

The Pro Plus Plow -

The Pro Plus contractor grade plow is big, tough and built to last.  The Pro Plus has been a best seller for Western.  Contractors continue to be impressed with its strength and rugged construction.  Designed for heavy-duty commercial and light municipal applications, the 7 1/2', 8', 8 1/2', and 9' Pro Plus line fits a wide range of vehicles, from 3/4-ton to F-550-size trucks.

  • Pivot Point - Pro Plus has a massive pivot point with a 1" diameter pivot bolt to ease nose plate stress.
  • A-Frame Construction - The 3" square tubing provides increased strength.
  • Power Bar - The industry-first, optimum-strength Power Bar provides exceptional strength and rigidity to eliminate the blade twisting that's often seen in severe use.
  • Shock Absorbers - Two standard shock absorbers soften blade trip return.
  • Tubular Quadrant - The high-strength heavy-duty tubular quadrant is built to withstand season after season of commercial use.
  • High-Strength Steel Base Channel - The high-strength steel base channel provides extra support where it's needed most.
  • Cutting Edge - Standard 1/2" x 6" high carbon steel cutting edge.
  • Optional Back Drag Edge - The back drag edge makes clearing snow away from doors and other tight areas easy.
  • Optional Blade Wings - The optional blade wings increase efficiency. Blade wings have been a huge hit with contractors. They allow scooping, add carrying capacity and reduce trail-off. They utilize a single pin for quick attach/detach. Additional options include deflectors and curb guards. Shoe kits are standard.

The Wide-Out -

The Wide-Out is the adjustable-wing snowplow from Western that extends the width of your plow, allowing you to carry up to 40 percent more snow, and cut clean-up time in half.  With the innovative, moveable wing design, you hydraulically control each wing to transform the blade into the plowing configuration that best meets your needs - from the 8-foot retracted width, to the 10-foot expanded width, to the scoop width of nearly 9 feet.

  • Hydraulic Wing Extensions - Independently position each wing to maximize plow blade width and carrying capacity.
  • Dual Power Bar - Six vertical ribs and a dual power bar design provide exceptional strength and prevent blade twisting.
  • Wing Cutting Edges - Durable polyurethane wing-cutting edges reduce wear and protect the blade - allowing it to "trip" in any position.
  • Hand-Held Control - Responsive, backlit hand-held control provides precise blade and wing function control. A joystick control is also available.
  • Trip Springs - Trip blade design utilizes four trip springs to protect you, your plow and your vehicle.
  • UltraMount - Exclusive UltraMount attachment system is quick and easy, even with the plow on an uneven surface.
  • Windrow Positioning - For unmatched windrowing productivity, position the leading wing in the scoop position to reduce spillover and efficiently utilize the full blade width.
  • Scoop Angle - The Wide-Out can fully angle in the scoop position to increase snow-carrying capacity while more effectively maneuvering around obstacles or turning corners.
  • Security Guard Equipped - Electronically locks your snowplow to prevent unauthorized use.

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