Palmer Springs » Trucks, RV/Motor Homes & Buses

Palmer Springs goes beyond just car and SUV repair, we also provide custom servicing for Trucks, Motor Homes (including RVs), and Buses. We can help reduce costs and eliminate downtime for you, offering comprehensive repair and maintenance services for almost any model or make Trucks, RV/Motor Homes, or Buses.

Truck/RV/Bus Services we provide:

  • Maine State Inspections - We are a certified Maine State Inspection center and we thoroughly check your vehicle for safety issues. Vehicles are road tested and careful inspected to be sure everything is in good mechanical condition.
  • Tune ups - Preventative truck, RV and Bus maintenance and vehicle care extends its lifespan, performance and safety.
  • Mechanical Services - We can perform critical heavy equipment repairs to your vehicle, with the knowledge and tools to get it done right.
  • Collision Repair - Palmer Springs is a leader in collision repair and refurbishment services.
  • Manufactured Auto Parts - Our specialists are trained & experienced in crafting and adapting parts to your specifications.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Service - description coming soon..

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